2 gru 2011

PZL-43A inbox, Mirage Hobby 1:48


Recenzja w języku polskim znajduje się na stronie www.wp-1939.pl:
PZL-43A Luftwaffe, Inbox Mirage Hobby 1:48

Buy kit in Adalbertus Internet shop: PZL.43A LUFTWAFFE 'German Version Mielec 1940'

PZL.43 is an export version of Polish Military Aviation pre war scout-bomber PZL.23 Karaś. It was produced for Bulgaria. Main difference was use 14-cylinder double row Gnome Rhone engine in place of 9-cylinder single row Bristol engine in previous versions. Using more powerful engine increased maximal speed from 210 km/h to 280 km/h, but also shifted centre of gravity. Fuselage was lenghtened in cocpit section to correct this problem. Underbelly gunner/bombardier bathtub was shifted back. Lenghtened cocpit canopy has also changed crossection to oval from trapazoid one. Coaxial weapon was moved from inside of fuselage to outside fairings. There was no space between cylinders for gun barrels.


In full-packed box we found a sprues from prvious Karas kits and new N-sprue with PZL.43 fuselage and G-sprue with canopy. A lot of clearly molded parts with some minor flash, making no problem to modeler. Usual Mirage Hobby soft plastic and slightly rough surface. Steel wool "000" solve problems in a very few minutes as I did on PZL.23A.

Parts are delicate and well designed. Some of inside wall details may be little soft but overall impression is more than good.

Canopy has two options: closed and open. I like way the small opening windows are made on both sides of pilot's canopy. Canopy details are very good and plastic is hard and clean. The only problem is with sides of canopy where some very delicate roughness is visible making small distortion of view. It may be easily corrected with a very fine grade sandpaper and polished.

A photoetched fret is ncluded in kit what makes a great value.

Manufacturer provided two painting options, aircraft number 37 and 40. Both of them were built by Germans from destroyed aircraft in captured PZL factory in Warsaw. Difference was in aircraft number in small triangle on horizontal stabilizer. Instruction contains a short story by Adam Kostyra about current view on Polish pre-war aviation colors. Mixes from Vallejo range are provided.

Three decal sheet printed by Techmod of overall A5 size are provided. Nice toch is spare part of red fuselage stripe to be used over radiator. It would help modeler in case of application dissaster. Register and colors are good. Some smaller stencils are soft, but control panel dials are perfect. It is a great taste to have Bulgarian cyrilic stencils on Luftwaffe aircraft!

A very well designed and detailed kit. Some problems with surface roughness are easy to deal with, except maybe canopy that need more care.
Recommended to all Polish Aviation fans and everybody seeking something different than FW-190 in Luftwaffe markings. Due to size and number of details it is suitable for at last intermediate modelers

What next with PZL.43?
Mr Piotr Mrozowski, designer expert from Mirage Hobby told that next version will be Polish one from 1939 campaign. Some of not yet delivered PZL.43 were used in combat. It caused some diplomatic affairs, as Germans thought the Bulgarian volunteers are fighting them in Poland.
Next and probably last version will be Bulgarian. Release date ot both versions is not yet announced. Probably we will hear more in Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 2012

Buy kit in Adalbertus Internet shop: PZL.43A LUFTWAFFE 'German Version Mielec 1940'